This website was originally written in Ruby and hosted on the Raspberry Pi. It's now archived at GitHub for posterity!

WiringPi2 Ruby In The Works

Rubyists fear not, I am not neglecting my language of choice, merely leading the charge with Python which, frankly, nets me a lot more feedback than its under-utilised cousin.

Many fixes and inclusions that have gone into the Python version of WiringPi2 have made their way into the Ruby version, too, but it lacks somewhat in completeness at the moment; I simply haven't had the time to flesh out the class wrapper.

Do not despair, though, while the library may not yet be published as a package gem, you can grab the source from my own GitHub account and start tinkering.

If you've not yet heard of WiringPi2, and want to know what makes it so awesome, head on over to Gordon's new site specifically for this Arduino-wiring-like GPIO library for the Raspberry Pi:

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