This website is written in Ruby using the Sinatra framework and hosted with Passenger / Nginx on the Raspberry Pi ( temporarily not on a Pi! ) assisted by Cloudflare and a dash of jsDelivr

Refactoring And Whatnot

I've just made a significant number of tweaks to the code behind, in an effort to make it more robust and more responsive.

There's a not-so-small chance that I've managed to achieve the opposite, so if you find this blog quirky and unresponsive... sorry! I'll no-doubt fix it in good time.

I have implemented Rack::Cache, both because it's easy to do and because, I believe at least, it's more standard-compliant approach to caching will couple well with CloudFlare.

Most other changes involve tidying up the organic mess of code which constitutes this blog, plus some vanity tweaks allowing me to add author and date information to posts.

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