This website was originally written in Ruby and hosted on the Raspberry Pi. It's now archived at GitHub for posterity!

Tempremental Pi, and Bootstrap Update

I have been eying my Pi for the last few days, wondering if it's still alive. Only today did I check this site, to find it kept barely alive by Cloudflare. A bit of fiddling with cables later, and the Pi lives once again. Though the uptime has, naturally, been reset.

The Pi makes a great low-cost, low-power platform to prime a much more powerful web caching solution ( like Cloudflare ) from home. It's now powering what's fast becoming my most succesful web endeavour in terms of traffic. Not bad.

The realtime stats, however, are not cached. And I think that's why my Pi was struggling a little. I'll have to slow them down drastically.

I've finally found the time to update the Bootstrap version driving this blog. You should notice better readiblity ( the text is bigger ) but not much else.

Using the small pagination variation, plus some jQuery wizardry I've also "progressively enhanced" my blog navigation so that it's split down into managable pages. As you scroll down you should notice the nav paginate as it needs to, always showing you the currently visible article.

If you want to jump to an historic article, simply paginate and click away.

I think this is a fluid and natural navigation device, but it'll likely only work for around twice the number of articles I have currently. Any more than that, and it could get a little tricky to dig around for things of interest.

I'm considering enhancing it further with a jQuery keyword search, allowing the nav to be filtered-as-you-type, and may try to tidy it up and release it as a plugin to compliment ScrollSpy.

If I'm losing you here, you really should investigate Twitter's Bootstrap! It's a great framework.

No, this isn't really Pi related, but folks are interested in how this blog is put together.

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