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Second Norwich RPi group meetup

While the second meetup was a little too close to Christmas for some of us not to be escaping early to attempt last minute shopping, it was a great chance to catch up with what's going on in the RPi world and meet a few new people.

Most notably was an appearance by Romilly Cocking of Quick2Wire fame, showing off an interesting Quick2Wire setup with an I2C analogue board driving an LED bargraph. I hadn't previously paid much attention to Quick2Wire ( or, in fact, anything much Pi over the last few months ), but now I'm throughly interested in the concept, and eager to get my hands on some boards to see just what I can achieve.

The second meeting was also underpinned by a real lack of any particular goal or project, but this isn't really a big issue at the moment. It's clear things are getting warmed up, and it's still an interesting event and a great place to meet like-minded individuals.

Norwich RPi now has a fledgling Subreddit which should help keep ideas ticking over between meetings, and the next meeting should be happening within about 3 months time.

You can find photos of the event on imgur.

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