This website was originally written in Ruby and hosted on the Raspberry Pi. It's now archived at GitHub for posterity!

Minecraft Raspberry Pi Edition Ruby API

With the release of the Minecraft Raspberry Pi Edition I have been spurred into action. Albeit it's probably not the brand of action I should be spurred into right now ( soldering the Quick2Wire boards ), it's something I've wanted to do since hearing of the Pi edition's TCP API. Yes, I have begun writing a client library in Ruby which you can see in progress here:

It's early days yet. I plan to wrap it up into a Ruby gem and create some more complex examples and useful helper functions that should aid complex manipulations of the Minecraft environment from within Ruby.

Thus far I've no idea just what sort of command rate the API can handle. I've been throwing things at my Pi from the command library on a laptop and have found commands failing when attempting to execute them quickly with no error checking. This is where helper functions come in; when setting a block it makes sense to read back that blocks location to ensure it has actually changed.

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