This website was originally written in Ruby and hosted on the Raspberry Pi. It's now archived at GitHub for posterity!

Adventures in Assembly

Always eager to use the Raspberry Pi as an excuse to push my knowledge of programming and hardware, I decided to go on a little journey into the mystifying world of ARM Assembly.

Following the guide from I set about rewriting the Intel? Assembly in the examples to the ARM equivilent. I had some difficulty accessing the array of numbers in the find-the-largest-number example, but eventually overcame it with sheer determination and a lot of fumbling through any references to ARM assembly I could turn up on Google. The resulting, not exactly brilliant, code with amends suggested by Tufty is as follows:

    .long 3,67,34,222,45,75,54,245,34,44,33,22,11,66,0

    .ascii "Finding Largest Number\n"
len = . - msg

    .code 32
    .globl _start


    mov     r0, #0x000001	@ Not sure why we put a 1 here
    ldr     r1, =msg		@ Put the msg address in r1
    ldr     r2, =len		@ And the len in r1
    mov     r7, #0x000004	@ And the syscall for write in the r7
    svc     #0x000000

    ldr     r4,=data_items	@ Load address of data_items into r4
    mov     r5,#0x000000	@ Start our r5 counter at 0
    ldr     r0,[r4,r5,LSL #0x000002]@ Load from data_items r4 with offset r5 and multiplier of 2

    cmp     r1,#0x000000	@ Check for end of list 0
    beq     loop_exit		@ Exit if we've hit 0

    add     r5,r5,#0x000001	@ Increment our counter
    ldr     r1,[r4,r5,LSL #0x000002]@ Load the next data_items into r1

    cmp     r1,r0		@ Compare
    ble     start_loop		@ Branch to the start of our loop if less or equal
    mov     r0,r1		@ Move r1 to r0 if its greater
    b       start_loop		@ Loop!

    mov     r1,#0x000000
    mov     r4,#0x000000
    mov     r5,#0x000000
    mov     r7,#0x000001	@ 1 is the syscall for exit
    svc     #0x000000

Building and running the file is fairly simple, excepting the cryptic CPU name which I retrieved from the forums thanks to tufty. Just run the following commands, assuming your code is in the file big.s:

as -g -mcpu=arm1176jzf-s -o big.o big.s
ld -o big big.o
echo $?

That last line, echo $?, should display the exit code that big returned. In the above example, it'll be 245 because that's the largest number.

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